About us

Company Name: EVANO

The company and trade name is a combination of
the initial of the first given name, full prefix and
the first letter of the founder's and current owner's surname.

Founded: 01-01-2017

The company is incorporated and registered in person at the
Chamber of CommerceĀ® in Rotterdam in the Netherlands.
The registered Chamber of Commerce number is: 68878893
Click here for our registration in the commercial register.

Experience: 10+ years

10+ years of experience in Information Technology (IT)
Started in Web and Application Development, Cloud Computing and Business Analysis. 

Evolved into Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Business Intelligence (BI).

Active: Worldwide

Globally active in providing our electronic/digital services.
Electronic/digital services can be contracted completely remotely.
We are glad to investigate what we can do for you on a global scale.

Country of incorporation: The Netherlands

Founded in Gouda (since 1143), Netherlands (NL) (since 1648).
Member State of the European Union (EU) (since 1958).
Member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) (since 1995).